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ohhh yeah (yes, I'm ironic)

my class was the only one who got an exam.. english.. and ass you all can read.. i suck!

vel, I'm glad i dindn't get math exam.. and that means.. i don't fail! yeah! got an E, but thats better than failing,! and the math is difficult! muy dificil, and i got an D + on my Spanish.. blæææ!

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åhh! life is lovely! nothing special has happend, but im satisfied..

im listening to jobims "girl from ipanema" i love that song, it really makes me feel good.. almost in love, but im not...
i should be sad because i dident see "mr carming" yesterday on school.. but im not, i guess the crush is over already. easy come easy go..

on monday im going to "balliaden" where people from the church from all over the country gathers. (from 14- 18 years )

im going to play lots of sports, football and volleyball.. and bowling, i never done that before.. jippi!
im planing to take my bass with me.. i've never played bass in front of an audience before.. that would be fun.
and of course, boys, a lot of boys is going to be there.. hihih! i just hope it's going to be a lot of boys that is 18, not 14... :p

i'm so happy! my voice is nearly recovered.. i can sing again without loosing my voice! yeho!

happy easter!
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another day!

lalala.. i had my art and culturehistory performance today.. i did well i think.. i talked about my grandmother that makes pictures of fabrick.. and i got back the last test we had (about the middle age) i bot an b+!!! yeye!!!

i saw prince charming on school today, he have shaved his beard,, hehe, he locked different, but still good! oh yeah!

and a lots of thanks to my dear sister that got me some soyaprotein! now i can backe low-carb-bread!

i have played a bit piano and guitar today.. have lessons tomorrow and have to do my homework..have not practised all week (tonderìa)

one more day until the easterhollydays..

jippi.. trallalalala!
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hello party people..

i had to walk home from the buss today... it's a long way 3 1\5 km.. boring..

and it is - 10C.. brrrrrrr..

i saw mr "bad guy" on school today.. he is cariming! oh yeah! we smiled to eachother and talked a litle..
i wish it was only the two of us, and we could thalk about what happend when i slept over at his place..
i also saw that hot dud that look like orlando bloom, but i think he have a girfriend.. yummy!

now i have to work with a prodject in "art and kultuer history".. boring..

okay boys.. if you tell a girl that you want to get to know her better and tells her she is gorgeous.. and bla bla bla, do you mean it or are you just trying to get her to bed....??
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see, i got a new and better picture!

thanks Ragnhild!


im listening to my mp3 player.. tori amos! she is fantastik!

i have a little problem i think im starting to like a "bad guy" , but he is a very charming young man..
sukkkk.. lalalalalalalala.. but i dont want to like him.. hes name is the same as the name of my oldest brother! confusing!

okay... sorry for all my bad english.. i got a C in school..

lallalalala.. god nigth!
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hei! nå sitter jeg i morgenkåpa mi, selv om klokken er ca 21.. sitter å venter på at smalville skal begynne på tv norge. egentlig burde jeg øve til spanskprøve, muntlig engelskframmføring og kunst og kulturhistorie prosjekt.. hmmm.. jaja.. queen victoria er ikke så intressan, men hun stinka nok forferdelig, for hun dusja maks en gang i året... og denne dama satt på trona i 63år, 7 mnd og to dager! hår vært på skolen, ikke så mye spendende.. begynner å få tilbake sangstemmen.. og flittig spilling av "egg" i sammspill timene.. møtte på trond-erik på bussen hjem.. han forfølger meg på jessheimsenteret.. dust, han er den 3 gutten med dobbelt navn som slutter på erik som liker meg.. hva er det med dobbelt-nav eriker! æsj! plagsomme gutter! hihi.. bare de ikke heter erik.. hmmm, det er derimot en veldig spenndende gutt i 3. klasse,,,, hihihihih! lalala.. det blir vel alt for i kveld. god nigth!
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meg! - me!

hei fokens - hello pepole!
jeg er Ragnhilds yngre søster! - i'm Ragnhilds younger sister!
jeg er en musikk student - i'm a music-student..

bebo mucha servecza, tengo dolor de cabeza! hehe, i'm also learning spanish! :)

hugs from super sigrid!